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International Conference on Control, Mechatronics and Automation

The conference aims to bring together the two fields of system design and control together. Today, flexible robotics and compliant mechanism design use nonlinearities which were once considered hindrances to system design to their advantage. In addition, advances in control technology such as nonlinear control, fractional order control are advantageously being used to go beyond classical linear control and therefore increase the applicability of complex mechanisms for robotics and mechatronic systems. In this regard, the 9th International Conference in Control, Mechatronics and Automation solicits original articles in the field of:

● Design, modeling and control of precision motion systems
● Flexible robotics, Soft robotics
● Compliant mechanism
● Precision mechanism
● Mechatronic system design
● Vibration analysis and control
● Dynamics of flexible systems
● Fractional order system and control
● Nonlinear control for motion systems
● Smart automation

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11. - 14.11.2021


All Day

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University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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